Customs allowances Lithuania


  • Cigarettes

    800 pc.

  • Cigarillos

    400 pc.

  • Cigars

    200 pc.


  • Spirits


  • Wine


  • Beer


  • Alcoholic beverages up to 22% volume


Customs rules for the import of goods to Lithuania


Lithuania is the largest Baltic state. This is a country of sand dunes and ship pines, medieval castles, Baltic sea resorts, delicious cheese and transparent amber.

Going on a trip, pay attention to the rules for the import of goods. It will help to avoid trouble. The new rules for the import of goods from abroad to Lithuania are available for review on our site.


Rules for the import of goods at the Lithuanian  airport

Passengers, arriving with goods purchased within the EU for personal use only, are allowed to import these goods without paying duties.


Customs rules for the import of goods from the European Union

  1. Tobacco products for passengers 17 years and older:

  • 800 cigarettes;

  • 400 cigarillos (maximum 3 grams each);

  • 200 cigars;

  • 1 kilogram of smoking tobacco.

  1. Alcohol beverages for passengers 17 years and older:

  • 10 litres of alcoholic beverages over 22% (and ethyl alcohol);

  • 20 litres of alcoholic beverages less than 22%;

  • 90 litres of wine (no more than 60 litres of sparkling wine);

  • 110 litres of beer.

Customs rules for the import of goods from countries outside the European Union

  1. Tobacco products for passengers 17 years and older:

  • 200 cigarettes;

  • 100 cigarillos (maximum 3 grams each);

  • 50 cigars;

  • 250 grams of tobacco;

  • proportional range.

  1. Alcohol beverages for passengers 17 years and older:

  • 1 litre of alcoholic beverages (more than 22%) or undenatured ethyl alcohol (more than 80%);

  • 2 litres of spirits or aperitifs made from wine or similar drinks (less than 22%) or sparkling or liquor products;

  • a proportional assortment of these products;

  • optional: 4 litres of wine; 16 litres of beer.

  1. Tea - 100 grams;

  2. Coffee - 500 grams;

  3. Eau de toilette - 250 ml;

  4. Perfume - 50 ml;

  5. Medications for personal needs.

  6. Other goods (for air passengers) with a total value of 430 euros per passenger.

The passenger is allowed to select only one item from the list of tobacco and alcohol beverages.


Also, according to the customs allowances without paying duties, can be imported:

  • sports equipment (1 projectile per 1 person);

  • equipment (mobile device, video camera, TV - 1 piece / 1 person);

  • camera (up to 2 pieces / 1 person).


Rules for the import of foodstuffs to Lithuania

It is allowed to import:

  • baby food and all products for a child (up to 2 kg);

  • dry foods that will not deteriorate on the road; 

  • confectionery (up to 2 kg);

  • caviar (125 g per person);

  • mushrooms (up to 10 kg);

  • pasta;

  • olives.


It is forbidden to import:

  • meat products and sausages;

  • any products that include meat or meat stuffing;

  • canned food;

  • milk products;

  • eggs;

  • milk and white chocolate;

  • fruits;

  • homemade alcohol.


Rules for the import of money and jewellery

The total weight of jewellery that the tourist can take to Lithuania is 50 g. If the weight exceeds this number, the jewellery must also be declared.

Money does not need to be declared if the total amount does not exceed 10 thousand euros.


Rules for the import of gas for a car

The tourist can import up to 10 litres of fuel into Lithuania. It is allowed to be transported in canisters per vehicle.


Rules for the import of medicines and medical preparations

  • all medicines must be transported in their original packaging;

  • psychotropic and narcotic drugs are allowed to be carried exclusively for personal needs;

  • tranquillizers and antidepressants are allowed to be carried with a passenger for his needs for no more than 30 days (unauthorized prolongation of this period is considered a violation);

  • the tourist must have a certificate or prescription from a doctor of the established form in English, certified by a notary;

  • the tourist cannot carry more medicines than indicated on the prescription or certificate.


Without a certificate, a passenger can transport drugs that do not contain prohibited substances. However, there is a limit on the allowable amount of these drugs - up to 10 packs per trip, up to 40 packs in total per month. This is a norm that does not require a declaration.

The composition of dietary supplements should include only natural ingredients that do not contain prohibited narcotic, chemical or psychotropic substances.


Rules of pets importation

  • The importation of pets into the territory of Lithuania is allowed. In addition, each animal must have an international veterinary passport and a certificate.

  • The presence of a microchip and the passage of vaccination against rabies is strictly required.

  • It is prohibited to import animals that are protected by the CITES Convention.


Rules for the import of plants

Without accompanying documents it is allowed to import:

  • 500 grams of plant seeds;

  • 500 bulbs;

  • 20 kg of fruit tree seedlings;

  • 50 seedlings.


When importing more plants, seeds and seedlings, special documents must be presented.


Products prohibited for importation:

  • pornographic materials;

  • explosive and flammable substances;

  • narcotic drugs;

  • toxic substances;

  • extremist materials;

  • materials containing scenes of violence and cruelty, as well as sowing inter-ethnic, inter-religious, social and other discord and enmity.

  • natural flowers.


TOP souvenirs and gifts from Lithuania

  • clothes of Lithuanian brands (recommended brand - Grizas);

  • linen products (sheets, pillows, clothes, bags, tablecloths, napkins);

  • handmade woollen items;

  • handmade leather products (you should look for them on street stalls or in Akropolis);

  • natural decorative cosmetics (the recommended brand is Margarita; you can find cosmetics both in specialized stores and in supermarkets);

  • amber products (lamps, caskets, figurines);

  • glass decorations;

  • ceramic products (buy them in souvenir shops);

  • shakotis (traditional Lithuanian cake, you can buy it in any supermarket);

  • chocolate (recommended brands are Karuna and Ruta);

  • bread (it is recommended to take traditional Baltic bread with cumin; the quality of this product is very high, it does not spoil during the week);

  • sausages (you can find them at farmers' markets; the recommended brand is Tarybine; it is advisable to buy sausages with various additives, pork ears and the famous Lithuanian kindziukas);

  • cheeses (recommended producers are Dzhugas, Rokishkio, Svalya);

  • handmade marmalade Obuolių sūris, also called apple cheese;

  • tincture "Three nines";

  • beer (the best firms are Svyturys, Utenos, Kalnapilis);

  • mead (a national Lithuanian drink made with herbs or berries).


We recommend contacting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the transport company in advance before your trip to find out more about the new rules for importing goods for personal use in Lithuania. As well as familiarize yourself with the restrictions regarding hand luggage and baggage of the airline you have chosen.

Keep useful travel tips for travelling to Lithuania. On our website, you can read the customs regulations of more than 140 countries around the world. It will help to prepare for a trip informing you how many and which goods can be imported without paying duties in the chosen country. When planning your travel, save and pre-order duty-free goods at

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