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Tom Ford Grey Vetiver EdP 50ml
Tom Ford Grey Vetiver EdP 50ml
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TOM FORD is a young fashion house founded in 2004. The founder of the brand Tom Ford began to amaze the fashion world long before he decided to create his own brand.

The history of the Tom Ford brand dates back to 1961, when the founder was born in Austin, Texas, in a family of realtors. The young designer began his career by studying art history in New York. Coming into the new progressive world, he met Ian Falconer, who invited Thomas to the Studio 54 nightclub. It was the place where Tom Ford fell in love with the world of glamour and fashion for the first time. Later, he started working as an actor in television commercials and studying interior design at the same time. During his studies, he was lucky enough to get an internship as a press secretary in Paris at the Chloe fashion house.

The young designer was keen to join the fashion world, so he called American designer Katie Hardwick every day for a month with the hope of getting a job at her sportswear brand. As Katie later admitted, she was determined not to give Tom a job, but after all, he succeeded.

After working there for two years, Tom received an offer from the Gucci fashion house to design clothes for women and went to Milan.

The designer's ambitions were and still are very high, so it was only a matter of time before he started his own brand. Today we know Tom Ford as a prestigious, well-known and high-quality brand of clothing, accessories and perfumes.

Tom Ford's perfume compositions are recognizable at first sight and are leading the world's top lists.

Tom Ford Black Orchid became the debut fragrance. The fragrance impressed with its mystery, depth and exoticism. It has become a true icon in the world of fragrances, gaining great popularity among lovers of elegant and sensual compositions. The ingredients of the perfume composition are endowed with sensuality and luxury: black truffle gives the fragrance mystery and enigma, black orchid acts as the main note and gives the perfume a floral-oriental uniqueness, black plum adds a sweet aftertaste.

Thanks to this fragrance, Tom Ford made a loud entrance into the perfume arena and was imprinted in the hearts of lovers of this high art.

The Black Orchid collection includes women's and unisex fragrances:

Black Orchid Parfume is an intense and deep composition where black orchid intertwines with exotic floral notes.

updated fragrance Black Orchid eau de toilette 2023

Black Orchid oud is a mysterious and luxurious fragrance where black orchid is combined with rare oud wood

Black Orchid Parfume Lalic Edition is an exquisite and luxurious interpretation of the legendary fragrance

Black Orchid Voile de fleur is a fresh and sophisticated fragrance in which black orchid intertwines with light floral notes, giving the fragrance tenderness and elegance.

Orchid Soleil is a sunny and exotic fragrance in which a black orchid blooms in the grip of warm spices

Velvet Orchid is a luxurious perfume that combines black orchid with vanilla and warm spices

Velvet Orchid Lumiere is a bright and elegant fragrance where black orchid interacts with citrus and exotic floral notes

The next was the purely masculine line of fragrances Grey Vetiver - stylish men's fragrances in which vetiver is harmoniously combined with citrus notes, creating a fresh, elegant and sophisticated bouquet, this series includes perfumes

Grey Vetiver

Grey Vetiver Eau de Toilette

Grey Vetiver Parfum

Jardin Noir became a later collection, which included:

Cafe Rose is an elegant combination of rose, coffee and exotic spices that creates a sensual and refined fragrance.

Jonquille de Nuit - a fragrance that combines warm and aromatic notes of narcissus with vanilla and woody accords

Lys Fume - notes of lily, violet and plum interact to create a mysterious and passionate bouquet.

Ombre de Hyacinth is a fragrance that combines fresh and transparent notes of hyacinth, violet and leaves.

Noir is a collection of fragrances that embodies elegance, mystery and sexuality in exceptional compositions for men and women, using warm, woody, spicy and floral notes.


Noir Anthracite

Noir Eau de Toilette

Noir Extreme

Noir Extreme Parfum

Noir Pour Femme

Private Blend is a premium perfume collection that impresses with its luxury and individuality, combining exquisite and unique fragrances for discerning perfume connoisseurs. This collection includes more than 45 different variations of Tom Ford perfumes, the most popular of which are:

Tobacco Vanille: This fragrance attracts attention with its warm and sweet composition of tobacco and vanilla.

Oud Wood: The famous fragrance from the Oud series, which is defined by exotic notes of oud.

Tuscan Leather: This fragrance attracts attention with a bold and expressive composition based on the scent of Tuscan leather.

Noir de Noir: A legendary fragrance from the Private Blend series, known for its luxurious combination of dark truffle and Bulgarian rose.

Black Violet: This fragrance attracts attention with its mysterious and delicate floral and fruity bouquet.

Private Blend - Cherry Collection is an elite series of fragrances that combines exceptionally sweet and juicy cherry notes with luxurious ingredients to create enchanting, extravagant compositions for true perfume connoisseurs.

Cherry Smoke

Electric Cherry

Lost Cherry

Private Blend Atelier d'Orient - combines unique oriental ingredients, sophisticated luxury character and creates mysterious, exotic perfumes

Fleur de Chine

Plum Japonais

Rive d'Ambre

Shanghai Lily

Private Blend Les Extraits Vert is a unique collection of fragrances that combines green, fresh and natural notes to create a refreshing, sophisticated and elegant perfume

Vert Boheme

Vert d'Encens

Vert de Fleur

Vert des Bois

Private Blend Neroli Portofino Collection is an elegant collection of fragrances that combines fresh neroli notes with the aromas of the Italian Portofino coast to create light, summer and luxurious compositions. The collection includes 11 fragrances, the most popular of which are:

Neroli Portofino: This fragrance, with expressed notes of neroli, is often a popular choice for lovers of freshness and floral elegance.

Mandarino di Amalfi: A hot and citrusy fragrance with notes of mandarin, which is loved by those who like bright and energetic scents.

Fleur de Portofino: A floral and refreshing fragrance inspired by the flowers of Portofino, it can be a choice for those who appreciate lightness and sensuality.

Sole di Positano: A fresh and sunny fragrance, perfect for warm days, may appeal to those looking for expressive summer notes.

Costa Azzurra: With a coastal scent, this fragrance may appeal to those looking for freshness and woody accords.

Private Blend White Musk Collection is a unique series of fragrances in which a white musk base is combined with a variety of notes to create pure, sensual and luxurious compositions for lovers of delicate, refined scents.

Jasmine Musk

Musk Pure

Urban Musk

White Suede

Private Rose Garden - a collection inspired by various types of roses, which became the dominant chord in these fragrances

Rose D'Amalfi

Rose de Chine

TOM FORD PRIVATE BLEND RESERVE COLLECTION is a new line of the brand consisting of 8 fragrances, the most popular are

Amber Absolute: This fragrance, with expressed notes of amber, is often defined as one of the best and most popular in the Reserve Collection.

Arabian Wood: An exotic and woody fragrance that will impress those who are looking for mysterious and sophisticated scents.

Italian Cypress: An exciting fragrance inspired by the Italian cypress forests, loved by admirers of freshness and elegance.

Jonquille de Nuit: A fragrance with mysterious notes of daffodils that creates a nightly and sensual charm.

Velvet Gardenia: This fragrance with exquisite gardenia notes impresses with its luxury and sensuality.

Tom Ford Resort Collection - the fragrances of this collection are distinguished by their uniqueness and style.

Eau de Jasmin Rouge: This fragrance brings out the elegance and luxury of jasmine blossom, complemented by sensual nuances and sophistication.

Eau de Vert Boheme: A green and fresh fragrance that impresses with its exotic and naturalness. It reminds of a spring or summer garden with its lightness and energy.

Tom Ford Signature Collection is a collection of 12 fragrances, the most popular of which are

Beau De Jour Eau de Parfum: A fresh and elegant fragrance that is highly awarded for its sophistication.

Café Rose (2023): An updated version of the fragrance that has gained popularity due to its novelty and distinct composition.

Costa Azzurra: A fragrance inspired by coastal areas, loved for its freshness and woody notes.

Ombré Leather (2018): A classic fragrance defined by leather notes that may appeal to lovers of strong and expressive scents.

White Patchouli: An exotic and sensual fragrance with patchouli notes that will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of unique nuances in the aromatic composition.

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