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Narciso Rodriguez is a brand of fashionable clothing, accessories, and perfumes by New York designer Narciso Rodriguez. The fashionable Narciso Rodriguez brand appeared relatively recently but has already won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. The brand's novelties impress with their sophisticated style and magnificent fragrances, offering fresh interpretations of classic compositions for connoisseurs of exquisite perfume creations.

History of the Narciso Rodriguez brand

The history of the Narciso Rodriguez brand is a long and challenging journey to the top of the fashion world for the Cuban-American Narciso Rodriguez. Even in his youth, the talented perfumer was passionate about design, but his parents opposed such a hobby. However, the prohibitions of his parents did not stop the eager and determined Narciso from pursuing his aspirations. In 1982, a young Rodriguez graduated from Parsons The New School for Design, the prestigious New York design school. Narciso quickly climbed the ranks, first working as the design director for women's clothing lines at the renowned company "Anne Klein" alongside the famous designer Donna Karan, then moving on to work at "Calvin Klein." Everywhere, he was appreciated for his professionalism. A turning point in Narciso Rodriguez's life came in 1995 when he moved to Paris. The Cherutti fashion house opened up new horizons for the Cuban-American. Observing the development of the fashion industry in Europe, the young designer became inspired to launch his own brand. During his time at Cerruti, Rodriguez harbored plans to create his own brand, but he constantly postponed this moment, wanting to better prepare himself. However, he could not refuse Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, who was getting married. Narciso designed and made a dress for this event, which not only caused a sensation and appeared on more than 3 million fashion magazine covers but also led to his dismissal from Cerruti - the company did not appreciate such independence. Thus, positive reviews about Narciso Rodriguez spread worldwide. After successful collaboration with Kennedy Jr., Rodriguez realized it was time to start his own company. The debut collection, presented in glamorous Milan, was positively received, earning high praise from experienced colleagues and awards such as Vogue/VH1 Fashion Awards, Council of Fashion Designers of America, Womenswear Designer of the Year Award, and more. Founded in 1997, the Narciso Rodriguez brand began competing with leading European fashion houses.

Creation of perfumes

Every story has a beginning, and for Narciso Rodriguez, that beginning was Egyptian musk. In his childhood, a friend gave him a bottle of Egyptian musk oil, and Narciso fell in love with its scent from the first moment. It's no wonder that Egyptian musk is the favorite and most frequently used note in Narciso Rodriguez's compositions.

Then, in 2003, Narciso decided to capture the hearts of enthusiasts of original perfumery. The first fragrance of the brand, named Narciso Rodriguez For Her, was introduced in 2003 in an elegant black bottle in the form of Eau de Toilette. Francis Kurkdjian and Christine Nagel worked on creating the perfume composition, while production was handled by the Japanese company Beaute Prestige, which produces Shiseido cosmetics. The notes of Egyptian musk, forming the basis of the debut fragrance's composition, made the image of its wearer incredibly sexy and sensual. The muse of the for her line, Carmen Kass, possesses timeless classical beauty. She conveys confidence effortlessly and without pretense. She embodies a very pure inner beauty that has depth and integrity. The perfume received FIFI Awards in France and the USA in the year of its presentation, and eight years later, it was recognized as the most iconic women's perfume. An updated version of the fragrance in the form of Eau de Parfum was released two years later. The olfactory pyramid remained the same, with musk tones as its base, but thanks to the addition of rose and peach notes, the scent became brighter and more saturated.

Two years later, Rodriguez introduced the first men's perfume to the public, named Narciso Rodriguez For Him. This was followed by bestsellers Essence and Musk, presented in both male and female versions. Subsequently, Narciso released several collections of bath and shower products, which also became top sellers.

Narciso Rodriguez perfumery combines three different styles: American, European, and Cuban. Rodriguez enjoys reinterpreting classicism in a modern style, combining sensuality with effortless sophistication. Narciso Rodriguez has an extremely personal vision of timeless elegance and embodies it in a series of beautiful perfume bottles.

The Narciso Rodriguez brand continues to astonish enthusiasts with the release of enticing, elegant, and sensual products. The creativity of the company's creator knows no bounds. After all, Rodriguez is capable of finding inspiration everywhere: in art, in the infrastructure of a bridge, in the gracefulness of a woman, in nature. Therefore, the brand's products are distinguished above all by their originality, with unconventional combinations of seemingly classical ingredients.

To date, the brand offers over 50 perfume compositions. All Narciso Rodriguez products contain notes of musk, amber, and rose. The brand collaborates with renowned perfumers such as Sonia Constant, Aurelien Guichard, Francis Kurkdjian, Alberto Morillas, and Christine Nagel. The new products from Narciso Rodriguez impress with their modern design and exquisite fragrances, bringing a unique charm and elegance to the world of fashion.

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